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Uthe transducers utilize stacks of ceramic crystals for low impedance (10 to 30 ohms at 0.2 watts). Uthe's extensive research and development program indicate that low impedance transducers produce the highest quality bonds in the shortest time. The value of the impedance directly relates to the motional tip velocities with low vibrational force.

New Standard in Bonding 138 kHz. Although high frequency bonding has been gaining a lot of attention lately, Uthe has been supplying high frequency transducers for over 10 years. Lower temperature bonding, shortened bond times and uniform intermetallics are only some of the benefits obtained with Uthe's high frequency systems. Uthe has over 20 high frequency models with a number of 60 kHz counterparts. You can view the following link for your reference:

In the field on Flip Chip Application we do supply and customise them to your requirement with frequency ranging from 47 kHz to 64 kHz.

Model F1S010
Frequency 47 kHz
1600 X 1200
1024 X 768

Model F2S010-H01
Frequency 64 Khz
1600 X 1200
1024 X 768

D The design of every Uthe generator focuses on the metallurigical nature of wire bonding. With it's field proven Frequency Control Module, Uthe generators provide users with the flexibility and versatility demanded by today's bonding process.

(Model 20G, 40G, 50G Generators)

With power outputs of 20, 40 and 50 watts, this family of generators use the same Frequency Control Module as the standard 10G. These genertors are used for heavy wire bonding of power devices, single point TAB applications, flip-chip bonding and die attach.

(Model 10G Generator)

Uthe's workhorse generator with 30,000 units worldwide, is the unit of choice for most manual wire bonders and older automatic wire bonders. With the optional High Frequency option, this generator will give users of older bonders the capability to use modern processes otherwise available only on new wire bonders. With interface and retofit kits available for most bonders, factotires can now reduce their process viability by assuring the same ultrasonic system for their various bonders.

(Model 10H Generator)

The model 10H generator represents Uthe's commitment to develop advanced, high quality, cos-efficient products that meet demanding requirement of the semiconductor industry. It's dual processor design provide the 10H with a form of artificial intelligence for active control during the bonding process. Every bonding application will benefit from the new features of this generator.

You can view our range of models that Uthe carried. Beside the standard model that we supply, we also customise our generators to suite your application.

Copper Plated Screw

In the field of copper plated screws. We in Uthe do carried a full range for the various model of transducers that Uthe's produce.

All our copper plated screws enchance transducer optimum performance without compromising on the bonding quality and reliability induced by ultrasonic energy. The used of copper plated screws maintaining proper clamping torque which in turn helps to reduce wear and tear to the transducer during the extensive cycling imposed by wire bonder.